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We must have PVP
Free PVP, we must have PVP. Free PVP immediately
DLC update with ghosts, PVP and co-op would be good.
Good Idea
Also co-op with Nioh would be good
I'm really glad that they actually focused on this game being a single-player only experience. I don't feel that PvP would fit into this game very well... or, I don't know, maybe it would, but I don't think it needs it.
The game not having any cooperative play is exactly why it got boring so damn fast and I went straight back to playing Bloodborne again which still have a ton of people playing it despite it's a game that came out in 2015.
yeah been waiting for a invasion since 2015
I personally think that they should add in a multiplayer realm where there are all new bosses, co-op play, invasions, create a character, and obviously the pvp summons, I understand why they were doing a single player game, but this would definitely be a great idea as a DLC
online mode for Sekiro would be a terrible idea imo, unless you do pvp in a particular area, but just the idea of someone sneaking on you when you're on a mini-boss would make the game unplayable. Same, coop would just make the bosses trivial since all you had to do is sandwich him and it's done. I don't see how you could add that.
People here complaining about no PvP, am I the only one who misses reading dumb messages and watching other players die in idiotic ways via blood stains?
I understand a lot of people are upset about the lack of multiplayer in Sekiro. However, bashing each other, whether casul or Meta, is not going anywhere. I don't think summons should be in Sekiro; It would break the game and make it too easy. However, I think a PvP setting outside of players' worlds, like undead matches from DSIII, might work. It would not work exactly the same, but it is a groundwork. You might even have "allegiances" (covenants) that affect the PvP. Maybe Isshin asks you to help the Nightjar Ninja, or you are bribed by a wounded easterner in the endgame. What we need are ideas, not complaining. Maybe we can satisfy everyone.
I doubt a pvp setting would work well anyway, unlike a dark souls, you are more restricted in the "customisation" of your character : no equipments, no stats, no weapons, no miracles/magic/pyro, you just have the martial arts and the prothesis tools, in the end this idea of a pvp would die quickly because it's basically a mirror match. Besides, if it's to see on youtube videos like "lololol teh parry lord", meh .....