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man i can't wait for this to come back.
Yes :)
any ideas when and if we will get a master rank viable drachen armor set? love the stats but even augmented and fully upgraded it falls a bit short.
Just use mr gear and drachen layered?
No-one would want actual Drachen armor back, use layered.
This is so easy-
to get carted.
like ur mom
To be destroyed by stupid random a who don’t know how to dodge ecliptic meteors
Defeated this thing once with a help from randoms, ain't touching this quest ever again.
Can we still get the Drachen Layered set?
Anyone know if we can still do the quest to get the Drachen Layered armor?
yeah - as long as the quest is considered complete you will get a glamor prism - report to smithy exchange
Do you need the iceborne dlc to get the quest


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no, the event quest has to be on rotation or a festival needs to be up to play this quest
I got the quest after talking to the serious handler again, after completing the special assignment
przez ile trwa ten Quest?