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The effect is 20% increase of your base motion value and remember each monster has different resistance to mounting buildup which also increases with every mount. The easy way to count it is by using lance. Try to mount using only the dashing jump attack on 2nd mount of monsters. Usually the number of jump attack required would be reduced by one from usual five attacks to four instead.
Great skill to have in general. Mounting is significantly quicker using this. I average three mounts per fight.
Tbh must have skill when using a hammer. Combine Affinity Sliding/Airborne/Master Mounter and not only will you jump and spin on those elders for days, but you'll make them go down as easily. So underrated yet so effective. Wulg Scarf a+ of Lumu Mail b+ are great pieces of armour to get this skill, especially Wulg for the free Ice Resistance lv1 compared to Lumu's piece.
FYI : Wulg Scarf B+ gives Ice Res 1 + MM + 1 slot lv4 + 1 slot lv1. Wulg Scarf A+ gives Ice Res2 + MM + 1 slot lv2 + 1slot lv1. Wulg Scarfs (both variants) are better armour pieces than Lumu Mail B+, so unless you're forced to use a specific helm, go with Wulg Scarf.
no deco for this skills is unfunny joke. the utility is welcome yes, but it's not worth by any means to swap end game gear for this skill lol
Get the charm and pair it with the insect glaive. You will mount about 5-6 times in a fight. Plus during a jump attacks, it will negates any monsters attack during the jump attack.
Jump master does NOT negate knockback during attacks, it's ONLY active during the jump itself, if you do anything else, whether it be charge up your weapon or attack, the skill is no longer active.
This skill multiplies mount damage by 1.2 or increases 20%. The glider mantle does this as well for a max 1.44 multiplier or roughly 44% increase. My naked mount damage was 55, with either 66, both 79, and the number was the same every time.
I assume this doesn’t have any affect on clutch claw attacks?


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correct, no effect on clutch claw attacks