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Kulve Greaves Y also has Heat Guard, and the Assassin’s Creed Mantle is helpful for running around if you’re setting up the cannons in Stage 1
How do you activate this quest?
You just initiate the Kulve Taroth siege like normal. Only one of the two sieges is active at a given time.
It's an event thing, so you gotta wait for it to come back into rotation or wait for an even (Like the very near spring event)
so question, can you obtain the glutton HBG from AT KT aswell as normal or only normal?
Kinda sad how it fullfills no purpose anymore with Iceborne. Kulve set plus kulve Ice weapon back then helped me finaly defeating Lunastra. It was like I would be carried by the hopes and dreams of my fellow comrades with which I was raiding El Dorados momma dragon nonstopp for days. Still looking at it invokes nostalgia cause of all the memories.
Lots of unintelligible sentences in that summary...