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First of all, PvE, everything can work.

Why so heavy? I'd try to find a way to cut the weight of your fashion souls and switch the Havel's Ring for a Ring of Favor. Ideally also cut back on your Vit. Your End and Vig are painfully low. Normally for these sort of magic hybrid builds also cannot afford to waste levels on Vit. Speaking of, you might want to cut back on your Att to, again, boost up your Vig/End. I usually don't go over 24 when doing magic/hybrid builds, often settling with 18. Ideally you want to be close to the 40/40 Vig/End mark, but around 35 is close enough.


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This weapon is awesome in PvE like anything else coz pve in DkS3 is easy anyways

But in PvP... it was good for the first few months because players did not know how to counter the stance R1 spam...
Today I see this weapon, I smile, I switch to a greatsword and I trade and I win.

It has some (but little) hyperarmor while inflicting very little poise damage...

I have one character entirely revolving around this weapon and made a few builds with it so I know. I loved the design and fashion so much I really wanted to make it work...but I basically ended up using this weapon in PvP only versus shield turtles...and frankly the crescent moon sword is also better at this thanks to hit and run)

For other cases, pretty much the worst weapon you can use versus half decent PvP players

And just so you know, investing in intelligence is largely useless overall as the real damage come from the dexterity and the added int scaling is only on the left handed scythe...

Also people know very well how to parry it nowadays.

Now let’s finish in a positive note:

Most people do not know that chaining stance R2 into stance R1 is super fast...use it to lock people inside the frozen explosion for good combo and damage. But good luck landing that on good players.

All in all, it destroys noobs but is utterly useless versus good players
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