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By Anonymous
Good info so far thanks dude
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By Fexelea
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Atlas Wiki is coming along nicely! We now have full lists of Skill Trees (as complicated as they are), a really nice getting started guide and many Weapons, Armor and Item pages! Thanks everyone who is helping :)
By Eternal_Winter
Idk if you still have any interest in the Atlas wiki, but a lot has changed and I was looking to slowly add in the current changes so that we might be closer to what the actual game will have when release is finalized later this year, if they stay on schedule
By Anonymous
I wanted to report a bug. First of all i had a storage box with a blue print of a arrow that showed it as being in it, however i couldn't remove it from the box. I then decided to destroy the box and remake the box. After i destroyed the box it wouldn't let me remake the box even though it says i have the crafting ability and resources in my inventory. The icon is even blue in color. Went to steam and did a file update said i had one missing file and it replaced it. Don't know what to do i just can't make large box's anymore. Help if you can Thanks
By Anonymous
Will this be on mobile like Ark Survival Evolved and when because, I’m really looking forward to playing it on mobile.
By Anonymous
is this game still coming to xbox? if so any idea when?
By Anonymous