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By Anonymous
There is an easy way to farm Stun and other hacking chips +6 with relatively high chance of diamond chip: at the beginning of chapter 3 you need hack all marked machines as 9S (the quest finishes when only one remains, you need to find it without a marker, so remember its location!). Then 21O tells you about a reward in her room, which is +6 versions of Hijack Boost, Combust, Stun and Heal Drops Up with random capacity. Until the bunker gets destroyed you can just farm them all by saving and reloading game because the "reward" respawns infinitely.
By Anonymous
I love you. Maximum hacking awaaaayyy!
By Anonymous
Just a quick note on this: When anon says "Chapter 3" they mean "Route C." That is, Chapter 11-02 "Onward to War"