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By Anonymous
what do you mean by "application" paragraph?
By Anonymous
It means some enemies have high elemental damage, which the ring will not reduce
By Anonymous
Is this like all the other steel protection rings or does it actually do anything?
By Anonymous
It's "decent", depending on your armor. Ultimately it depends on the AR of the weapon attacking you vs your defence. Very, very roughly, if your defense is equal to the AR, you'll take a little bit under half damage. So to put it in a way, a 300 AR hit versus 300 defense is about 130 damage. Any hit below that will get drastically reduced, for example again at 300 defense, a hit at 150 AR goes down to around 40. On the other hand, if their AR is twice as big as your defense, the damage you'll recieve is only a little bit above half. Say 250 defense against a 500 AR hit, you'll take only a bit above 300 damage. So what does this mean? Well, in summary, this means the following: If you know you'll have more armor than your opponents have AR, then stacking additional armor will reduce the damage DRASTICALLY. So if you're fighting someone with a dagger, or a split damage sword/rapier/small weapon with low damage, high armor will reduce their damage a lot. Of course there's a cap on that, but you'll rarely ever face someone having 50 AR attacks, my wild guess is the AR of most players would average around 350-400 with a +15 weapon at max scaling. On the other hand, if you're fighting against someone that has more AR than you have defence, unless this ring took you to the same or a little bit higher defence than their AR, it'll be less effective. So, tl;dr: Against weapons with low AR/split damage it can be very beneficial, against weapons with very high AR it loses usefulness.
By Anonymous
Try fight manus with this. You dont need shield anymore
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By attacker
contrary 2 popular belief i believe having this ring is better than FAP ring if ur using light armor. got up to 300 physical defence and like 250 in every other category with pyromancer set +9, 10 humanity, and this ring. barely even took damage lol
By Anonymous
you are wrong use fap to have more armor and more hp + endur. Theres a reason everyone uses FAP ring for minmaxing instead of this.
By Anonymous
Enemy specific. Explain ******
By Anonymous
Think of it like a 5th armor piece, adds about as much physical defense as havels leggings