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By Anonymous
The Katana of all Souls A beautifully kept weapon throughout the series.
By Anonymous
Hoping this turns out to be a decent weapon in the remake
By Anonymous
Was always a decent weapon in every souls game. In fact I'd say for some builds its excellent.
By Anonymous
Ds1 and Ds2 yes, Ds3 hell no
By Anonymous
It is still broken even in the Remake, same as the original. Going Sharp or Tearing and getting it to +5 trivializes the entire game. The move set and damage are just too good.
By Anonymous
Does this weapon really receive an S rating in Skill with Tearing on it?
By Anonymous
yes it does
By Anonymous
Yeah but it’s better to just go sharp since higher base damage and bleed in this game is just another poison
By Anonymous
how does its piercing damage work?
By pmakshou
Must be sprint or 1 hand R2 - thrust is considered piercing.
By Anonymous
the thrust attacks do peircing
By Anonymous
What they said: The sprint thrust is super quick and great for clipping a chasing/healing opponent. The 1-hand R2 has great range, just a slow build-up. In PvE, a lot of enemies don't seem to bother dodging it, making it easy to poke em at a distance if they're resistant to slash.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I love when some jackass invades me with light weapon on this. The spamming is unbearable unless you parry
By Anonymous
Which will hit harder, Sharp or Quality? Say for Sharp I have 50 DEX and for Quality I have 40/40 STR/DEX.
By Anonymous
Sharp. Quality is wasting 30 skill points just to be relevant. What would you do with extra you could be using with 50 dex on a sharp? That's what you should find out.

Vitality if you're still learning. Stamina otherwise. As in more points in end then vitality. Throw the excess into int so you can buff your weapon and cast a few utility spells on the side.
By Anonymous
What’s the stats you need to be able to one hand the sword?
By Anonymous
18 Strength and 13 Dexterity - It's awesome! Time to use those hero souls that have been sitting there since forever :)
By Anonymous
Someone else mentioned it but my +10 uchi builds in the original and DS1 broke the game. This weapons unique in that it's r1 combo is impossible to escape once it's started. You'll need high stamina, very high, and +9/10 with mostly dex/end and if you're good there's no rival. Pvp or bosses(excluding a minor few) will be a breeze. Using the numbers to justify viability and not the mechanics of the movesets is a mistake especially in these earlier games where there are about half as many weapons to choose from, and maybe a fourth of them as unique.
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