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By Anonymous
The worst catalyst in the game
By Anonymous
He doesn't know
By Anonymous
Unless you're adding magic to a physical build.
By Anonymous
No. It's not the worst catalyst in the game. That's blatantly wrong.
By Anonymous
Strength dex hybrid and this makes you so much better if magic
By Anonymous
It's for builds that dont have or want to invest in intelligence. (Dex/strength)
By Anonymous
This person is 100% correct, spell buffs don't scale with intel just magic adjust.. the base catalyst has a higher MA stat than this.

I'm not one for worst or best when it comes to many things but this is seriously just a cosmetic catalyst as it offers nothing greater for any kind of build.
By Anonymous
One of the best in the game
By Anonymous
what sorceries can you access without levelling up int.?
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By ThunderFlip
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The sorceries with the lowest requirements are Soul Arrow, Magic Weapon, Magic Shield and Aural Decoy (utility spell) at 10 INT which can be useful if you are using the normal Oolacile Catalyst (10 INT req) that you can farm from the Bloathead Sorcerers in the DLC. If you are using this catalyst and intent on staying at 12 INT, this also allows the use of Heavy Soul Arrow. Everything else has additional INT requirements. Personally, I recommend 16 INT as a great break point as that nets you access to all the Soul Arrow variants, Great Magic Weapon, Strong Magic Shield, Dark Orb, Dark Bead and pretty much all the utility spells.
By Anonymous
Why woud I use this over sorcerer catalyst?
By Anonymous
If you're a dedicated caster you probably wouldn't use this. The catalyst seems at its best when you're doing a melee class build and want to add weapon buffing sorceries to your repertoire.
By Anonymous
It's also good for all low level builds that incorporate any form of magic in their arsenal, and have at least 12 int, because of the stagnant 180 Magic Adjust offering a decent boost without the need for stamina
By Anonymous
But none of it makes sense, 10 requirement on the base catalyst with higher magic adjust. I would say it just for cosmetics, its the only thing that makes sense.
By Anonymous
Because this has a higher adjustment than the Sorcerer's Catalyst between 12 and 26 int.
By Anonymous
Because Greater Magic Weapon can be a good damage increase for quicker attack weapons, just going to the 15 intelligence need for GMW and then using the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst.
By Anonymous
You can also buy this from Elizabeth, not just Dusk
By Anonymous
And the best of it: it's 0.5 heavy.
By Anonymous
Definitely the best catalyst if you’re not a dedicated caster and prefer sorceries more for utility like for a melee or stealth build.
By Anonymous
But buffs are based off of magic adjust, the regular sorcerers catalyst has higher MA.
By Anonymous
Anon 22 Jan 2023, the Sorcerer Catalyst's MagAdj scales with intelligence, while the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst's is always a 180. At low int levels (<27), the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst's MagAdj is higher.
By Anonymous
"the sorceries of this lost land are gentle and not affected by intelligence."
By Danny-The-Legend
It's not wrong tho, i'm pretty sure it means all sorceries created in Oolacile, such as Hidden Body, Chameleon, etc. It does not mean Dark Bead, Dark Orb and Pursuers, because despite being found in Oolacile, they are probably from the abyss that's been corrupting the lands.