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^ cursed


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This is a cool pyromancy to caugh people off guard in the Tomb of the Giants, especially at those narrow cliffs there HAHA
" In a more constricted area, it is possible for less casts to be used"... FEWER!
Its referring to casts as in the number... it uses 17 out of 20 but in a constricted area it'll use less than 17. Its poor wording but that's what they're saying
To replying anon and others similarly confused, it's a GoT meme.
10/10 reference
Use with Crown of Dusk and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring. Sanctuary Guardian instant kill. Since pyromancy didn't depends on int & faith, this is also viable for all build
Eeeeeeeeasy monay!!!!!!
Waifu laifu. This soul