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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

This mask is an exact copy of a battle helm that was given to Henry VIII as a gift.
Ehhhh, sorta. The horns are different, and some of the details are a bit off, but otherwise it was very clearly inspired by it, good call :3
While clearly inspired by the helmet given to Henry VIII by Maximilian I, it's not an exact copy by any means - most obviously, in the Henry Helmet the colours are inverted (with a steel helmet and gold spectacles) and the horns corkscrew out from the helmet horizontally rather than curving up vertically. High quality images of the Henry helmet can be found on the Royal Armouries site here:
I thought each piece had a buff of some sort (an intelligence buff for this case) since 12000 souls just for a helm felt expensive. Good thing i checked the wiki out before wasting the souls hehehe
It's swaggy. Go get one.
The point of this set of gear is that it can be acquired early, has decent stats out of the gate (and for their weight) and doesn’t require upgrading (saving your valuable titanite for weapons). There is better stuff once you have the lord vessel, but you can’t go wrong mixing in some of these pieces into your early game outfit.
Got the hole armor set first play through but it disappeared when I started NG+
best helmet