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Tonfas incoming... hopefully
I hope that they introduce these things: -Cold Mechanics -Tonfas and Magnet Spikes -Deviants -Monsters: —Alatreon —Akantor —Ukanlos —Amatsu —Nargacuga —Tigrex —Lagiacrus —Brachydios —Gigginox (which would be really creepy with world graphics) —NEW MONSTERS!!! P.S. I hope that they put some good connecting lore, like the grown version of Xeno’Jiiva or a young Zorah Magdaros. Please CAPCOM, make it good!!!
I'm here for the Hot Drinks
They better bring the Tonfas. They've been in Frontier for too long.
the viking dude looks like he got some kinda ice taroth armor on and moose plus kelbi = some kind of armor
We were promised Free DLCs so i hope its free
You've BEEN getting free DLC's already. Give these guys a break if this actually costs something, you ungrateful meef!
No no, we WANT to pay for this. Lemme 'splain you: the developers have some options: they could start working on another MH title, a new one, which might just be essentially a reskin of mhw; or they could make super hefty expansions to mhw that we pay for, that are worthy of a purchase. A new game would make money for sure, we would all buy it. Expansions are better because it allows the players to get content faster. If they had to make a brand new game, they would have to add at least some additional mechanics or something to the mhw engine, a new town, new creatures, new weapons, new story, new characters, new marm, etc. With expansions, they can quickly add just a new location with a few mons and a few weaps and that's it. No new town necessary, no new mechanics, no new story. That said, their main goal as a company is to make money. They have to. That's why I go to work every day. This is the first time I'm aware of that expansions have been a thing in a mh game. Thus, if we pay for expansions for mhw they will make more expansions for mhw! I want to pay for it! We have jobs, we make money, let's commit to this, let's choose to help build monster hunter world as big as it can get! I don't see Capcom here as a large corporation trying to swindle me out of my money, I see them here as my weekend DnD dungeon master I'm buying a couple of drinks for. Let's support the world they have created and pay for this and many future expansions! I 'm super excited for this. TAKE MY MONEY.
You realize this an expansion, right? Technically we have been getting free DLC (even though you don't "download" it) in the form of new unique events that provide cool gear. Like others have said, this is going to be a huge expansion, and honestly, devs like this DESERVE our money for support
i highly doubt it is free. first of all, a company exsists to make money. if they dont get any income after the initial purchase they will eventually burn trough that amount. which means the game will be dropped. so they have 2 choices: sell more content in the form of expansions or drop this game and let it rot while focusing completely on a new game.
All the content we have received so far has been free. This is an expansion, not dlc.
wtf do pc players have to wait AGAIN?!
Who cares, you're lucky to have it at all man.
LOL! I feel ur pain!


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You have a choice. Get it early in an unpoloshed broken state or get it in a finished state.
"Who cares, you're lucky to have it at all man." Found the console ***
PC release will be June 2020
I highly doubt that, AT nergi will come out for consoles soon and there won't be any new content until Iceborne, so PC will have plenty of time to catch up. All platforms should get this expansion at the same time. Hopefully.
either pc need extra care or capcom don't really care
Game is broken, so many cheaters, ppl will get entire new content in 1 day. Is not fun. You are not playing againts other players, but you are playing along with other players. CRAPCOM SHOULD START TO BAN YOU BECAUSE RUINING GAME EXPERIENCE.
Highly unlikely due to they farmed and work for there gear. Me personally if created a game like this I wouldn't and plus most help you anyway.
If you're talking about high ranked players in your lower rank quest it's just players farming stuff they can't get anymore on high rank quests. Not cheaters.
also cheaters are nothing new. they ahve been around for ages. hell in MH4u i ended up in a quest that gave me 99 of every devijho item. there is a reason most people tend to play with friends only. randoms ((cheaters or not)) often ruin the fun.