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First babbbby, haha yeah!!!! :)
From my perspective, you're last, haha hoho. :)
Second babbbbbyyyyyy, first sucks*****lul
you both suck
third baby yeahh lol
its hard to stay hyped for 9 more month!!!!!!!!
I agree, they should've waited until spring to share it. It looks like they are just starting to work on it. But I guess they wanted to present it in winter for obvious reasons.
The timing was perfect, just when I 100% lost interest in ever coming back. Since ovember I felt like they need to announce an expansion or MHW2
I wonder how much it'll cost
Around 20-40 bucks for sure
8 million dollars is the rumor that's been going around town
shut up and take my money
Ice Ice Baby
This is alkaline not fiji
Wonder what the pink armor in the photo showing the hunters is it looks like anjanath armor but it dosent look the same
New quest rank means G-Rank and every amor/weapon in G looks different Its most likely anjanath G amor
That's TOTALLY G Rank Anjanath armor.
It better double the World Content or I will throw my Dash Juice to ******** Ryozo's face
You DARE sully the name of the Mosiah?! Your sentence is death by Bullfango!
capcom hear us out on the pc why not make the expansion release date on pc same has the console im willing to buy the expansion pack since im ba big mh fan and also a player to ps2 and pc
waaaah, 9 months, waaaah they shoulda waited later to announce it, Waaha waaaaah waah content. This generation of MH'ers are so fcking entitled it's disgusting. One, 9 months isn't that long. Most ultimate tier upgrades take about that long (MHW is a little longer for OBVIOUS reasons). 2, Shoulda waited later to announce it? Are the people saying this complete idiots? If they waited WAY longer, they are going to lose the already weak grip they have on the fanbase with our content drought. I think it's a fine idea to let us know NOW. and 3, content? Just play another game in the mean time...2019 is a great year for gaming, just look forward for whats in the middle. I for one am very excited and patience. I trust the MHW team to do the game fantastic justice.
If the suspense is killing you than that's just a sign of good advertising
Tbf. On freedom unite dlc missions came out like crazy with new monsters and subspecies all the time. I just want silver rath back. Maybe a bit of laoshun. Itd be nice to go back to the old world and reuse those assets and remove the loading screens from there