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By Anonymous
Played the original demon souls on ps3 recently, never realized this but their version of these guys actually have better AI and can’t die to falling off a ledge even though they have wings, I always wondered why that was a thing and now I’m wondering why they didn’t just copy and paste their AI since they are so similar.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
The gargoyle ai is awful even if they don’t fall they just stand there staring at you half the time
By Anonymous
If you notice it, these little guys possess some of Gael's moves, such as the plunging attack and the lunging attack, all from first phase.
By Anonymous
what if Gael possess the batwing demon's moves?
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By MatinArtorias
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Gael has many moves from most soulsborne enemies/bosses
By Anonymous
they can fly now yep they can fly now
By Anonymous
I just realized they share a striking resemblance with ulquiorra cifer from bleach in his final form. Similar weapon choice and use aswell. Kubo must have pulled inspiration from these
By Anonymous
These guys bounce so far back whenever I hit them that it feels like I'm playing ds2
By Anonymous
Dudes seriously forget their wings when falling from ledge
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By Anonymous
Is it okay to kill the friendly one in Anor Londo entrance?
By Anonymous
Cool idle pose