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Dunedain, LFM active traders! 465+/500, almost full. Weekly dues: 3K or 85K sales/purchases. Weekly commission packages: 170K sales = 3K, 170K purchases = 3K. 3-month & 6-month investor options available (35K/65K), dues-free time. Discord invite: https://discord.gg/gu3CpjK. Guild trader is Hasiwen, located in the capital city of Marbruk, Greenshade. Furnished Guild Hall (Mundus Stones, Crafting Tables, Transmutation Station, Target Dummies, etc.) Trials, PvP events, weekly raffles, guild auctions, duel tournaments, fish tournaments, zone-clearing, quest help, master crafters in guild, and more!
Failing to meet minimum guild requirements may result in a kick from the guild. A courtesy vacation list is available for registry, to let officers know to exempt you from a particular purge.
Hasiwen in Marbruk, Greenshade has been a great location for our guild trader, as we are profitable and self-sustaining.
7-month old guild. We're always growing and doing exciting new things. We have the knowledge of all the great addons, mat/ore farming routes, Trial progressions, PvP campaigns, and item-flipping/merchanting.
For guild invites and or questions, please feel free to contact me at: @TYVMBONSCOTT in-game. Thank you!


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Hey dude, was it worth scamming all those guilds, when any half decent player could have raised the same capital in a couple of weeks of farming & selling?
I don't miss the 20k you stole from me, but I mind that you hurt a lot of new players.
You must be real proud of yourself.