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Understandable why it is impossible to succeed the persuation check, she lost everything with the deathfog, no amounts of words or charismatic choice of sentences would be able to change her desperate state of mind
i think its more the fact that shes corrupted by the god king
Ifan has special options in the dialogue with her.
Funny comment when talking to the spirit and consuming it


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Dam that sux, it would be cool to actually save them, I mean look at that thing its so awesome!!
This is a He-Man joke ^^ just google Battlecat :)
Indeed. Furthermore if you are using human character she will call you “he man” Before attacking
I cringered at your comment
This game was made in Europe. I doubt any of the creators even know what He-man is.
This is the last npc i massacred and purged in act 3. Saved the best for last.
Hold up...
Aaaand one more of the*****ty "omg, isn't the world cruel and dark?" NPCs. I usually love Larian games, but D:OS2 is so full of*****
Well, there's no way of proving her anything unless you were already a divine.. in which the player is currently not. Being the last one of her kind mercilessly killed by the deathfog unleashed upon by humans, its no wonder she resorted to revenge. Though it just kind of sucks not being able to do anything in a game where you have many detailed-ly crafted options to choose from x)
It's done on purpose, to show how much death and distruction we as a species bring to the animal kingdom.
I wanted to be able to summon him or at least save him :(
I think the only point may be to use the corpse harvester to get the tiger claw since you have to kill her if you interact