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Daisy Cutter: -90% weigh Pyrolyzer - it increased damage dealt to enemy or decreased enemy damage for 3 secs, dont remember correctly.
I got a the dragon with the furious modifier
I found the quad combat shotgun the increases the ammo capacity by x4. Standard mag gives me 34 rounds before reload
Good luck finding special weapons and mods. A-hole players farm all of them and either sell for outrageous cap prices or on line for real money. I wish Bethesda would do something about this, but I know they dont give a crap. Just one more crappy reality of this game.
They're instanced per player so it's not possible for them to "farm all of them". Each player respawns a legendary when they enter an area and if they get a hit on it it drops loot that only they can pick up.
I got the Fancy pump action shotgun 50% ignore armour 50% limb damage Holds 12 rounds For me one shot kill for anything except scorchbeast