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Hello everyone!

I'm very happy to report that we have done several tweaks to the way things load to improve loading times across all devices. Users should now find improved page load speed on all major wikis - and smaller wikis are currently deploying so should be done soon.

Since this is a big change, you might find that some CSS doesn't work right.

If something doesn't look right: Please clear your cache!

Display this if you need instructions on how to clear
How to fix:

You must clear your browser cache (the site cannot do this for you)

Here is a link with information for several major browsers. If this doesn't work, you can also try removing your cookies so that everything is freshly reset


on Chrome on Android 7.0 -- go to:
settings > privacy > clear browsing data > 'advanced' tab
Check ' site settings'
Clear data.

If you do the above and things still don't look right, please report it here! Please give me your browser, operating software, and check if you're up to date and whether you have any plugins running (like scriptblocking)

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