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can't wait to see how fire cracker mechanics function. will be fun to play with the AI!
Resurrection Mechanic: based on video content released as of 11 March: 1. You have 2 resurrection charges (the pink circles in the bottom left). 2. The charge on the left is the one you earn through killing enemies and shows a circular progression meter. 3. The charge on the right is the free one you get from respawning or resting at Sculptor's Idos (Checkpoints). 4. If you use a resurrection charge, your resurrection ability becomes locked (indicated by the charge icons being crossed-out). 5. You can unlock it again by killing more enemies, the more difficult the enemies, (the higher the chance of it being unlocked) or by dying and respawning at a checkpoint. Not sure if resting at a checkpoint unlocks it. Enemies that have "Resurrective Power" will unlock it... this is indicated by pink sparkles that fly from them to you after you kill them. 6. If your earned charge (the one on the left) is full, it will stay full until you use it, regardless of death or using the free charge on the right, meaning as soon as you unlock it you can resurrect again. 7. If your earned charge is spent, as soon as resurrect is unlocked, you can start to recharge it (shown by the circular progression meter). I believe only deathblow maneuvers recharges it. 8. What remains unknown is if you can have more than 2 charges, but given the title "die twice" most likely it will stay as 2.
Sakura droplet can give you three. Just kill lady butterfly, then present it to Kuro or the divine child
How do i jump on top of the enemy's head? I get it from time to time when i jump over the perilous sweep attack but not quite sure how to pull it off consistently.
alright, i figured that out during endless fights with O'rin - that's just double jump :)
I’m sure most know this however I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere. The key is in the sound. There’s a very noticeable difference in the clashing of the swords when an enemy has deflected rather than blocking and as soon as you hear it that’s your sign to immediately stop your attack and be ready to counter.