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I hope there are different stealth kill animations for each type of stealth kill
Personally the way I prioritize enemies is kill any ranged first, then focus on the mele with the least deathblows needed to kill, and finally kill the big boys who are now the only ones remaining.
The "Nightjar Monocular" talking point on this page should be further fleshed out to help newer players struggling with stealth kills, or people who just flat out missed this amazing item perk. I made a comment under the item page itself, but here it is as well: "This is arguably the best quick item in the game, especially for general exploration or "cheesing" one deathblow marker off mini-bosses. With the Nightjar Monocular selected as your quick item, highlighting targets while crouched (or from above while standing) causes your red cross-hair to be applied from a much farther distance. Your attack animation also changes when performing your stealth kill, as you "lean in" and fly like a homing missile to your target. You can even fall from a great height and use this mid-fall, zeroing in on your target earlier in your descent than normal. I cannot explain in words how fulfilling it is to kill enemies with this technique; it greatly reduces the anxiety of performing distance kills from any height/angle and exemplifies your grace as an elite shinobi. Hesitation is defeat."