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By Anonymous
Love the fact that you have to actually manage your stamina.
Only played ds3 before, and IMO, this game done the system better.

Regarding PVE, it is not actually "better". More so "different".

In ds3 you can attack enemy almost every single opening they give you.

In this game however, you have to purposefully miss some of them. Just to regenerate more stamina for the next one.

At first it felt really awkward to stand there in front of enemy doing nothing. But now I got used to it and actually like it. Not only you need to have good reaction, but you also have to make some extra mid-combat decisions.

It also makes it more rewarding to learn how much of attacks you can dodge by footwork or backsteps.

Don't think it's objectively better tho. In the end of the day, it IS annoying to have extra layer of difficulty, especially with how wonky enemy hitboxes in this game are. I just like it more.

But it does wonders for balancing PVP. In any human-to human-fight, being passive is overall better than being aggressive, since punishing mistakes is easier than landing a successful attack on a prepared enemy. Costly rolls subvert this natural disbalance.

You still can, and absolutely should, play back time to time.
But you can not do so indefinitely. If you choose to exclusively dodge, you now risk having a big stamina deficit. From there on you have to either find an opening to counteratrack quickly, somehow disengage, or take damage since you can roll no more.

On the other hand, attacker also has to play smart:

1) Your moves must be properly spced, so your opponent has to actually dodge them.

2) Enemy might decide to counter-attack at any moment, so keep some stamina at least for one roll.

This all makes for a fun and dynamic PVP combat, where you and your opponent are bound to switch between aggressive and passive playstyles and pay attention on spacing. Even plan your attacks beforehand.

This is so refreshing after ds3, where being defensive is always the winning move. No reason to play agressive, if you know that by playing back you get to punish mistakes AND have more stamina in the process.

Also, why didn't they bring back animation of catching breath after depleting stamia? And weakend attacks if they go past stamina bar? These two were cool indicatots for PVP and made nice realistic experince overall.