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wo so bow so


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yall really like bows, huh?
Actually, the Bows works in a special way with the different upgrades and it's definitely worth it to know, let me explain it to you. (Normal Path) The bow has a high DEX scale and is supposed to do a decent damage if your focus on DEX, but the only way to do that is to do headshots (in PvE aspect), otherwise the damage output is mediocre for some reason. (Probably because the scale goes to the arrow, not to the bow, it will be explained in the Divine / Magic upgrade) The only Bow that is worth to using in combat is the Compound Bow, which being a quality weapon all you need is to have 27 STR and the rest in DEX that way you will be doing a powerful damage. (Fire-Chaos / Lightning Path) "The best option" for many reasons, 0 STR and DEX requirements except for the minimum so you can focus your points to another stat, the Bow will gain a secret auxilary effect, it's more situable for combat beacuse it's not headshot dependant and you will be doing more damage than the Normal Path, but why? When upgrading a Bow in the Fire or Lightning Path, the base physical damage of the Bow increases much more than the Normal Path (Like a Raw upgrade), by comparing damage outputs in a [11 + Longbow (25 DEX)] vs [0 + Lightning Longbow] it seems that the final damage output of the Bow is more influenced by the base physical damage than the scaling of the weapon itself because the Lightning Bow has more physical damage than the other bow, tested on different enemies. With the elemental upgrade, the bow itself IS NOT capable to do elemental damage, but IT'S CAPABLE to strike in the enemy's elemental weakness, this is the secret auxilary effect that i say before. For example, the Slimes in the Depths are weak to fire, if you shoot them with a Fire Bow, you will do a lot of damage to them REGARDLES OF THE ARROWS you use. In others words, the Bow will do pure physical damage but the elemental weakness or resistanses of an enemy will apply and that can change the final damage output. (Divine / Occult - Magic) The upgrade that does the most damage of all, that being said, however is the most expensive to use. As I mentioned earlier, it seems that scaling goes directly to the arrow and not to the Bow. By improving the Bow along the Divine / Magic path, the scaling passes to FTH and INT specifically. With any type of arrow you will be doing mediocre damage, however when using the Moonlight Arrows the damage becomes tremendous, not so different from the damage of the Dragonslayer Greatbow, that is why those arrows cost 500 souls just like Great arrow. Recap: (Normal Path) Pro: For quality builds (Compound Bow), works fine like a secondary weapon, Cheapest. Cons: Mediocre damage except for the Compound Bow, need total a total focus on a stat for full damage, headshoter. (Fire-Chaos / Lightning Path) Pro: Acceptable damage, versatile, more suitable for combat, an enemy can die easly if it's weak to specific elemental Bow, still do pure physical damage, can be a main weapon. Cons: Need more than one Bow to upgrade, the form that you'll need to farm slabs, an enemy can endure a lot if it's resistent to specific elemental Bow. (Divine-Occult / Magic Path) Pro: Heavy magic damage if you focus on FTH or INT and use Moonlight Arrows, have the most powerfull damage of any upgrade on this way, it allows to the cleric and sorceres classes to be a good archers too. Cons: Need a harsh invest on points like the Normal Path, the most expensive, for some situations, mediocre physical damage.
Goughs bow?



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It's not a bow, but a Greatbow.
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Its not a lake, but an ocean.
It says a con for longbows is they do less damage than shortbows. Error?
Higher DPS, or damage per second. Its that way due to the higher fire rate of the short bows. For example, let's say a short bow does 30 damage per shot, and a long bow does 40. SB shoot twice a second while the LB shoots once. 60>40...does that help?
A quick guide to what bows are best for what: The short bow has the lowest stat requirements, and that's it. If you have exactly 12 Dexterity and 0.5 weight units to spare and lack a ranged supplement to your arsenal, go for it. The composite bow has the highest damage output per minute, and tied for the fastest loosing it allows great mobility. If you want to shoot at things that can fight back, it's the way to go. The Darkmoon bow has a very narrow window to shine, where you have high Faith but not so high you're better off enchanting another bow. The long bow has the highest damage per shot, at high levels of Dex. Well, if you're looking for that you're probably better off with either of the Greatbows, but. And the black bow has the highest range. It's the only thing to consider if you want to snipe at monsters without giving them a chance. With feather arrows and the Hawk ring you'll be able to hit pretty much anything you can see. It's game breaking against Hydras, against most Giants, against Manus.
O que podem me dizer sobre o Dark Moon Bow ? aquele feito com a Alma de Gwyndolin ? vale a pena investir nele? Almas, Upgrades e elevar quais escalas para tirar o melhor proveito deste arco ?
what about the dragonslayer greatbow. That's a bow and a good pve one at that.
They list it under the Greatbows category, friend