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The quantity of the red orb from the quest isn't 1. I just got 2 from doing one quest solo. The chance for one is 100% but you can get more apparently.
I've just got 2 of these in the event quest for PC
What the hell. Arch tempered teostra requires red orbs to build the dante layered armor. And the event quest is NOT UP TO GET EM. Guess if you didnt know to farm 9 orbs at the time you just flat out miss out. Thats scummy as hell. At least bring up relevant event quests alongside eachother.
According to this Wiki's PC Event Page, Code: Red should be available again Jan 25th (along with all other past events) for the "Appreciation Event"
Apparently.... the Drop Rate is 1-3, just got 3 of them from my last run of the event, last 3 that I needed for all of the stuff... Not counting the layered armor, but I'm not too worried about that.... still... felt so good seeing 3 of those little Gem Shaped drops on the screen at the end of the mission (Playing on Xbox 1 here)


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I'll edit that in right now, but just so you'll know for the future, wikis are editable by anyone (: I'm sure you'll come across info down the line that isn't quite right on here, & we'll all be able to help each other out if we all grab a pen when we can ♥