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By Anonymous
is there a way to reset?
By Anonymous
Yes. Talk to Zuma and choose the Meditate dialogue option. Wait for a bit until you're transported.
By Anonymous
so you get talent point once from a source? ng+ owlking didnt reward a talent point.
By Anonymous
Why I don't get more talents? I have 14 but no achievement and NG+ doesn't give me more. It is bugged? It is the same as level limit per NG that this ridiculous game has? Why everything in this thing is broken or simply poorly made?
By Anonymous
'poorly made' when they overhauled the complete game with 500 new mechanics. u are clearly some massive * if u think that. they have a lvlcap so u cant powerlevel yourself to astronomous territory since levels are cheap and u can very easily grind essence. there are alot more talent points hidden in the world, for sure a * like you doesn't find them.

Btw that devteam is a handful of people that created their very first game, if u expect some triple A title, buy one and dont trashtalk a super-hard working indie team that legit has 0 experience in making games yet delivers better stuff than moneywhores like Bethesda, Ubisoft or EA
By Anonymous
so basicall you fill the general, first class and second class talent three then advanced with all the points you earn on subsequent NG+ but after you fill all of those talent points are useless you cannot use them at all it does not allow to unlock more trees for other classes, developer should have thought this with people who want to beat all ng+ difficulties