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I love a bit of jolly co-operation, but holy crap am I tired of getting wrecked by Four Kings as a summon. I guess people feel intimidated by the multiple bosses, so they are like WELL THERE'S FOUR KINGS MAYBE THERE SHOULD BE THREE OF US! and then they summon me, a chaos blade user who does crazy damage to them, and good ol' B*tch Beatrice.

With two summons, the spawn rate and health of the Kings is massive! Beatrice is not worth the increase! You will die and I will probably die too and I'll have to run back from firelink!

Please help put an end to this. I wish I could warn them somehow, but no one heeds my "Beware of Sorcery" soapstone message next to her. Tell your friends not to summon Witch Beatrice. Tell your friends to tell their friends that friends don't let friends summon multiples!