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Please be in sekiro
uh yeah....I went and got makoto and walked up to satsuki with it in hand, thinking I was about to get my trophy. Don't be me.
Did the same thing? Do I have to start a whole new game to get the trophy now? It autosaves after you beat him.
I have PWWT (100% sure) and he won't come down from the ledge, and the mound containing the sword in 4-2 won't disappear. Do you need to initiate this side quest before killing Storm King?
the guy on the ledge is a different skeleton.
Satsuki will be in the doorway right in front of the first archstone.
soon as you load in you will see him.
The same happened to me, too (ng+). And if I'm not at PWWT (as Fexelea would say) then you don't need PWWT for the ceramic coins: I went fractured. There, also no Satsuki or Makoto, but I could collect the ceramic coin.
Does killing him (when he tries to kill you) has any effect on character tendency?
Not character, only world -3
if you kill the black one I think it raises you character tendency to white.
That *******! It shouldn't move the world tendency -3 if you kill this prick! No matter what you do, he attacks. What a piece of s**t
as long as you dont use the stone or go to the nexus, you can stay in white or black world and die as much as you want and finish everything you need to do.
Your souls remains strat doesn't work he swings once rushes and you.......Probably didn't even test it.....
I’m in PBWT and satsuki isn’t showing up. I know I’m in pure black because the red skeletons are showing up. Did I need to give him the sword in PWWT to have him appear?
No. You may not be in PBWT, the red phantom enemies spawn in 1 above Pure Black too. I'd say make sure the world is pure black first.
World Tendency shifting from defending yourself against this guy has to be a bug that will probably never be patched.
It’s not, the 5 named npcs all shift tendency either toward black if you kill their human form or toward white if you defeat their phantom form. Makes no difference whether they attack you on sight or if they’re passive. Not very justifiable but it’s definitely not a bug.
Fought him in pure black world, didn't know who he was but i killed him anyway. Can i still met him in Pure White ?
Yes. As you killed only his phantom, the 'real one' will still appear at PWWT.