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how to improve the damage of this? weapon damage? charm? armor set? how how how
like it says, the actual attack value and the artillery skill.
Increases to Raw and the Artillery skill scale with this, which is why it's popular in SWC (Sticky 3 / Wyvern / Cluster) builds, since it has a similar softcap from Raw + Artillery as Sticky (Cluster only benefits from the Raw increases), but any of the individual ammos have trouble bringing enough damage to tempered hunts and high HP T2/T3 hunts to secure a kill without a restock. In terms of metaphorical damage (DPS) increases, it's difficult to discount Spare Shot from the Razor Sharp/Spare Shot charm or True Spare Shot from the Nargacuga set effect, as being able to fire a second time without reloading helps minimize the otherwise awful Very Slow reload on (almost?) all HBG that can fire this ammo. This also helps deal with the ammo economy issue SWC builds have in general. At the time of writing (Safi Patch), one of the popular HBG builds uses Attack 7, Agitator 5, Peak Performance 3 to hit this cap (this assumes powertalon and powercharm). Builds that use less Raw boost have to opt towards Artillery (even Artillery Secret) or eat for skills like Felyne Bombardier (does not affect Wyvern), Attack Up (L), or make use of stacking Attack consumables such as Might Seed/Pill + Demon Powder + Normal/Mega Demondrug. You can also consider Hunting Horn's Attack Up (L/XL) or Palico Horn Attack Up, but these are less reliable unless you have a HH friend or are running duo Coral Orchestra respectively.