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underrated lance
This Lance is honestly one of if not the most useful lance at the time of this comment: (IceBorn will probably have bigger and better weapons) Great supplemental stats: 2 level 3 slots. Razor sharp. 10% affinity. Biggest White Sharpness of the lances (Tied with the other luna-combo weapons). And its main stats are nothing to scoff at either: Great raw damage of 414, which puts it at the fourth-tier of Lance damage (third: 437, second: 460, first (fiendish tower): 529). And the highest tier of Blast status damage of all the lances (tied with a fully awakened Dark Stinger III). Combine its White sharpness with Razor Sharp and its innate 10% affinity and you easily make up for its raw damage. Its high Blast damage is pretty nuts too. People seem to forget that the Lance is probably the third best melee weapon to use statusses with, and my personal best to do that spesific task: You have a decent attack speed, which is pretty consistent throughout the fight because you are a f@cking TANK. Then you have your charge for when the monster is down, really pumping up the attacks per second you do and therefore getting more Blast status off. Next to the fact that a well played Lance should not be able to die in most fights (looking at you AT Vaal Hazak/Lunastra) and you have yourself a great start for a build.
I was looking at top 5 lances videos to start playing/building lance. I heard this get described in the 4th spot and I knew that was the one I wanted. It's a damn fine weapon.