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By Anonymous
do you have to meet the 16 magic requirement for it to work?
By Anonymous
By Grizzle
There’s a hidden mechanic with this I’ve found. It doesn’t work on every enemy, but when farming souls in Monolith Forest if you have kris blade equipped you get another bonus 20% souls if your spell one shots the Mantas. I haven’t been able to find any other enemies this works on yet so far, but if you want to farm souls even faster, use kris blade and use a spell strong enough one shot the manta and you’ll get even more souls per kill.
By Anonymous
That's the "overkill" mechanic, if you do 150% of an enemies' max health in one attack, you get 20% more souls.
By Anonymous
Doesn't resemble a real kris blade anymore :(
By Anonymous
Actually it does. You just have to pull your head out of your *** to realize it.
By Anonymous
It looks like a child's rendition of a real kris blade
By Anonymous
The butthurt dislikes and insulting on here is delicious
By Spikeyroxas
I don't think this stacks with other items.
I was using the Monk's Head Wrappings and Ring of Magical Sharpness which both raise Magic damage.

When holding the weapon in either hand I was doing the same Magic damage as I was without having it equipped.

I can see damage difference when unequipping the wrappings or ring though.
By Anonymous
It very much does stack with them
By Anonymous
Most likely your damage is over the hp of the enemy in which case only the enemy 's hp is shown.
By Anonymous
If anyone is doing a caster build and having trouble deciding between +5ing the Phosphorescent Pole or the Kris Blade on their first run, like I was, I reccommend upgrading the pole. The spell damage difference between Kris and Kris+5 isn't all that major, however the regen for the pole changes pretty dramatically. The pole also functions better as a melee weapon than the Kris Blade, but honestly they both are best as offhand. For your main weapon, get a Crescent Kilij. I run Pole + Kris in offhand, Crescent Kilij + Talisman of Beasts in main hand.

The difference between which you upgrade is relatively minor, but I promise you that you'll feel more of the pole's upgrade passive than kris'. While it's true that MP regen items are cheap and plentiful, it's a bit of a hassle to constantly use them, and also takes valuable time mid-combat. The pole helps reduce this, and at/near max upgrade for Pole + Crescent Kilij, you'll recover the MP spent on Warding before it expires, making your melee capabilities not nearly as subject to attrition, and your build better in PvP as a result (which is where mages typically suffer most anyways).
By Anonymous
As an additional note, if you're already using the Fragrant Ring, upgrading the Pole pretty much eliminates the need for it, which means that ring slot is now freed up for another ring...such as the Ring of Magical Sharpness or Ring of Magical Nature.
By Anonymous
Wow this is terrible advice
By Anonymous
It's not terrible advice. At the end of the day, all that matters concerning damage is the number of hits or castings required to down a target. For normal enemies, Kris won't make a meaningful difference in terms of hits-to-kill. It's mainly useful for fighting targets with greater HP pool, such as bosses. The advice here is that overall you will feel a greater benefit to +5ing the pole first, but still using both. Of course, if you're the type to go out of your way to farm souls to amass spice rather than gain levels (less likely on your first playthrough), then the point is moot.
By Anonymous
The point about attrition in PvP is also a valid one. The last thing you want in PvP is to leave yourself unnecessarily vulnerable, which should be obvious.
By Anonymous
To put numbers to it, let's say you do 300 damage with Soul Ray without the usage of the Kris Blade. Fairly reasonable starting point. A base Kris will change that to 314.4, meanwhile a +5 will change it to 390. An extra 90 damage is definitely nice, but only actually has any real impact if your target was one that it took you ~4 castings of Soul Ray to kill before, which will then bring it down to ~3. However, at around that damage-per-cast, most standard enemies can be taken down in 3 or less castings anyway, so there is little to no tangible benefit gained apart from feeling better about yourself. Further, it's slightly less impressive than that because even with no colorless soul investment, there is still a small added benefit for damage, so the actual damage improvement from +5ing is only 76, not 90.

Let's take this a little further. Obviously if you were to collect every single colorless demon soul in the first playthrough, then you can +5 both. This case clearly doesn't matter for the purposes of comparison. However, it's not uncommon for players to not want to do the assassination questline, in which case the best you can bring a second weapon to is +3 assuming you aren't picking up Resurrection. For the Kris blade, that means +22% damage, which translates to a total of 366 damage per singular cast of Soul Ray, leaving the actual damage you missed out on at a mere 24, which is obviously largely insignificant. The damage difference between a +3 and a +5 would require 15.25 castings to equate to a single extra casting at +3 level.

Meanwhile, the regen rate for the pole more than doubles from +3 to +5, becoming actually large enough passive regen to be felt within a single combat encounter, more than making up for the occasional extra cast that the Kris Blade would have saved you assuming the enemy was a sack of meat with infinite HP, which can go towards anything including and especially turning yourself into a tank with free Warding fuel.

In summary, if you blindly try to get the highest damage number possible without considering how much actual, real benefit it would provide vs other options, you're shooting yourself and your build in the foot.
By Anonymous
Base Kris is around +5%, maxed it's +30%. 6x higher boost in percentage is not insignificant. 300 damage spell would do an extra 75 damage on a maxed kris compared to base (390 vs 315). Obviously there is more to it, but I'd say that's a substantial difference.
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By Azareis
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@ May 2 Anon: As OP said, yes the damage multiplier increases significantly, but the actual end result of how many hits it takes to kill an enemy doesn't change much for the majority of enemies. It also significantly reduces reliance on spices, which means NG players have more souls to spend on leveling up for permanent character bonuses, and saves them from having to grind much/at Ll. Besides, even if you +5 the pole, you can still get Kris to +2/+3 without having to do the assassination quests, making the actual loss in damage pretty insignificant. We all like higher damage numbers, to be sure, but for NG players (who OP's advice is aimed at), the pole is a far more practical choice to max out.
By Anonymous
Why on Earth I would want to level up my STR and DEX to 16 as a pure mage on my 1st playthrough?
By Anonymous
Goddamn what an ugly weapon
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Clearly you haven't seen a real life version of the historic kris blade. You do know that there's a search engine called Google?
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Ah, so happy they added weapon from my home country. Just little bit dissapointed they didn't give it real life battle art which called "SANTET"
By Anonymous
There are no "battle arts" in this game
By Anonymous
The weapon was in the original game so it's not a newly added weapon. By the way, no one gives a sh*t that it came from your home country.
By Anonymous
Wow look at the replies. Typical demon souls players. After grinding so many hours they still in their soul form.. Pitty of them.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
What does the battle art have to do with anything though? This game doesn't play like DS3 or Elden Ring with battle arts or ashes of war. Do you mean an attack pattern that matches the weapon's origin, perhaps?
By Anonymous
the bonus magic damage is only applied to spells, even fire ones. it wont affect god's wrath (as its a miracle, not a magic spell) or melee weapons with magic damage
By Anonymous
Somehow looks even worse than the original design.
By Anonymous
I take that back. It doesn't look that bad. Ignore my above post as I acknowledge my stupidity.
By Anonymous
Wow, do you struggle to think coherently?
By Anonymous
dude took back his statement you degen, use your 'clearly superior' brain to read next time
By Anonymous
@ May 1, 2023 21:45 user: The guy that responded before you made a valid remark. Clearly you're the one that's brain dead.
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