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By Anonymous
"laaa, laa, la la laaa" - Winter Lantern when asked about it's opinions on the current state of the economy
By Anonymous
Whoever designed this enemy, your mom's a ho
By Anonymous
Wow your mom threats verry orginal insult. You 5? That insult is nothing but a cliché at this point.
By Anonymous
05 Feb ..... Bro are you good?
By Anonymous
Surprised nobody’s said this yet, you can literally spam saw spear’s R2 til they die, each hit staggers them. Just don’t let the frenzy get you first of course
By Anonymous
Transformed R2*
The thrust attack. Doesn’t have to be charged up at all though, and it will even interrupt their grab animation.
By Anonymous
beast cutter absolutely trashes these guys. Got a triple kill on these guys and frenzy didn’t fill up once. I have 80 insight. definitely not as hard as people make it out to be.
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By Anonymous
Truly these enemies give the best hugs
By Anonymous
Untale they go to far and bite your face off, and hurt your back with frenzy spears.
By Anonymous
DS2 reject
By Anonymous
This thing wil not prove light in the dark winter times.

In conclusion THIS THING IS A LIAR!

To be more accurate in the name i would call them "frenzy huggers"

-becease they inflict frenzy from afar, and they rely on it to kill you.

-and they always try to embrace you (the player) when you are eather in there sight and they chase you for there hug. Or your in range for their hug.

And before you say "it's a bad name for them you dumbass" keep in mind we have an enemy in this game that is literally called "brainsucker"
By Anonymous
If you parry and visceral them before frenzy builds up it doesn't deal any damage
By Anonymous
One of the few enemies in this game I consider genuinely cheap
By Anonymous
they're most likely supposed to be, you can generally just avoid them. it's more like dealing with an environmental hazard, since sedatives are a rare & expensive consumable to blow every time you encounter one. other than the rare blood gems they can drop, they're obviously not at all rewarding to fight head-on. i love them for how unique they are in that way, they're the defining enemies of bloodborne imo.
By Anonymous
1st time walking in an area where i heard a lantern sing. I was like "wtf kind of abomination is waiting for me ahead, and makes that noise"

Then i see a messenger with the messages "wife ahead" *i'm looking infrond of me and see the lantern* "YOU CALL THAT A WIFE!?!?!?!?!?!" and i died to the frenzy by being distracted
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