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Worst area in the entire game.
Yo mama
I think that goes to blighttown
What can you do with crest after its used? Can you sell it or frempt or snuggly?? Or do we just keep for the good memories
you can do anything else with it you can sell it or trade it
Is the Crest kept in NG+?
no none of the key items are kept


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Curious, who tells you about the Crest of Artorias? I don't recall it being mentioned. Or are you just supposed to figure it out?
I Think you are just supposed to figure it out, it helps if you are online, because you will see messages like "try blacksmith", but if you look at everything he has for sale when you first meet him you will see the crest, and then later when you get to the door in darkroot garden you will think "oh i need to buy that crest".