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By Anonymous
Why does it say +10 when it only upgrades to a +5?
By Anonymous
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By AlexMemes456
ITS THE LEGEND! (idk if its actually but....) I WANT THIS BOW RN!!!
By Anonymous
Shrine of Amana? More like Shrine A-gone-a!

Seriously though, this game is probably where bows are at their most useful. And this Bow is doubtlessly the best, with maybe Alonne/Bow of Want/Shield Crossbow being distant runners up. Does tons of damage, has easy stat reqs, you can hold 999 ammo in one slot. Also, the anchoring ordeal is no real issue. Everything in this game is slow as hell. As long as you're not getting in Sir Alonne/Fume Knight's face point blank to use it, you should be able to use it liberally. But man does it make the gankier areas of the game, minus Frigid Outskirts, a whole lot easier.
By Andrew73B
Since the website is having a really tough time, I'll post this in the comments.

121 Stamina is needed to fire a shot with this and have enough stamina left to immediately act (Roll, swing a sword, etc)

This can be achieved at 15 Endurance with the Second Dragon Ring.

In Dark Souls 2, if you try to attack with something that uses more stamina than you currently have, you'll attack more slowly and do less damage. That thankfully isn't the case with this bow. If you're at full stamina, you do full damage and attack at full speed.