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By Anonymous
Grenades are really weak in OS 2.. in OS 1 they were pretty decent, in OS 2 they do funny dmg. i have passed the game twice and i never used them... so i guess this talent is useless.
By Anonymous
Grenades are meh but scrolls are OP. With ambidextrous, and a pyro mage that's 1 AP fireballs and 1AP epidemic of fire and 1AP teleport. Say you have 4 enemies, teleport enemies together and then launch couple of epidemic of fire and a love grenade.
By Anonymous
try with Ambidextrous and Savage Sortilege only cost 1 ap to throw bomb, and Savage Sortilege make ur grenade cirt, will do decent dmg and decent AoE CC with bunch grenades only work when u got tons grenade to spam thou