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By Anonymous
Anyone else irritated Crystal weapons still can't be repaired? Am I the only one? Magic and many other unrealistic things are reality in Dark Souls. So why can't crystal weapons be repaired? :/
By Anonymous
From what I've seen Frampt will only give 1 soul for Crystal gear :/
By Anonymous
They would be too op
By Anonymous
I assume it has to do with their origin, no blacksmith can recreate the material so they can't fix it when pieces of the object break off during combat.
By Anonymous
i was wondering why the crystal halberd couldnt be repaired
By Anonymous
Magic isn't an excuse for stupidity.
By Anonymous
Balance: if they could be repaired or upgraded the damage would need nerfing.
By Anonymous
Also it makes sense because materials harder than metals tend to be brittle
By Anonymous
Because it would be just straight up better than +15. So if it was repairable either they would need to drop damage to +15 level or change durability to 1-3 points
By Anonymous
I agree it's an annoying mechanic and crystal weapons shouldn't even exist at all (glad they removed this mechanic in the sequels), but if you argue that they should be repairable because magic exists, you could also say they aren't repairable because magic prevents them from being repairable. lol
By Fumeknight1045
Despite having decent scaling and low stat requirements to be serviceable for a early game weapon. However, the downsides out weights the positives. It's damage output for mid game like anor Londo is miserable, it can't be repaired nor upgrade making this weapon extremely limited. Use this weapon only at early game or use the balder side sword since it's possible to get it in early game while being useful for endgame due to its higher damage output.
By Anonymous
Despite and However

Pick ONE
By BigFaithBigStrength
Just for clarification purposes, this is not a weapon upgraded on the crystal upgrade path, it's a unique item.
By Anonymous
fun base for weapon buff builds, or something for a crystal madman cosplay.
By Anonymous
Looking at this item in game and in Remaster it appears to do 150 base damage instead of 145.

By Anonymous
Can anyone confirm if this counts as a crystal upgrade path weapon in remastered, thus changing your weapon matchmaking to the lvl 4-15 range?
I think I may have messed up my low level invasion character by buying this from Domhall.
I had kept everything no higher than +5 to match with +0-11 weapon levels.
I swear it seems like I don't find invasions as easily since buying it.
By Anonymous
If it has the stats of a +8 Longsword, I'd bet that it would indeed affect your weapon matchmaking. This is admittedly just a guess on my part, but one that I'm pretty confident in.
By Anonymous
I can confirm the special thing about this one and the crystal greatsword is that both count as +0 weapons for matchmaking. So is not even the +3 match you get with a twinkling titanite weapon or boss weapon
By DemonsSoulsMaster
“Give to Frampt for 1 squared souls”

That’s still just one soul.
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By Erick_of_Astora
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Rating weapons based on looks:
Very diferent from the majority of straight swords, even tho its just a regular sword covered in crustals, brilliant