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By Anonymous
what is the use of this poison?
By Anonymous
throw it on the floor around insect enemies in order to gauarantee they don't explode when they die
By Corrodias
They can also be used to poison any monster, though I have no idea at what rate they apply the poison effect.
By Anonymous
To apply poison status in 2 bombs on safijiva.
By gvost
a sleeping monster won't be woken up by poison buildup or poison ticks, so it can be used like mega barrel bombs. it also has no knockback and is easier to setup. from one instance of poison, a monster will take 160, 320, or 520 damage with a 1, 2, or 3 star poison rating, respectively. the real difficult part is figuring out how many bombs you need to apply a poison status. in exact terms, the poison bomb does 5 ticks (1 per second) that each cause 32 poison buildup, for a total of 160 poison buildup per bomb.

while poison damage depends on the poison star rating of the monster, the buildup values vary for each monster. for example, ruiner nergigante has a 150 initial buildup for poison as a 2-star, but uragaan who takes significantly more poison damage than any other 3-star monster, has a initial buildup of 180. there is no cooldown on poison cloud ticks on a monster, so you can spam 2 back-to-back if you know you need 2.

you can check specific monster thresholds on each of their pages on this wiki, thoroughly investigated and graciously provided by AsteriskAmpersand, Deathcream and MoonBunnie. just also note that multiplayer will change buildup thresholds drastically, and the values provided are singleplayer only.