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i was really salty about this game and i thought it was the rpg/multiplayer removal and its disappointing but i realized it has nothing to do with it

but i think its more about the way the community has reacted to it all over the web, the way so many people are commemorating that they are free from rpg and multiplayer

the souls community the people who made all that content (lore.builds.guides.pvpv.invasions,gankspanks etc...)

after seeing so many in denial insisting that there would be character creation because of 4chan leanks i was expecting at least a minor backlash

so this reaction felt like getting backstabbed by a white phantom

i will probably play sekiro although i doubt i will likely nearly as much as i like dark souls and bloodborne



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Bloodborne for me, was an amazing main story, finished off by an endless mode to really just enjoy the game when you were actually done with the story. When dieing to Layer 4, depth 5 FRC bullshittery made you a better player was when the game truly shined in my eyes.

The best thing about Dark Souls 3 were the dried fingers, since multiplayer in DS3 could go so awesomely awry, sometimes you get 2 blue helpers, sometimes 3 red invaders spam you to death. The big assortment of equipment make replaying DS3 really fun when you've gotten gud.

DS2 had a PvP scene that only opened up to you after you've well beaten the game multiple times. The game was insanely well balanced and had a ludicrous amount of weapons and armors, making fight clubs insanely fun as you'd get to see real innovation and creativity from other players and could show your own.

DS1 I've joined too late, just like Demon's Soul, but both of them have a great story mode, I still love Demon Soul's intro theme.

But now Sekiro... I'm sure they'll make it a great game, don't get me wrong, but the game will not last as long as any of its predecessors. I can see myself completing the game 3-5 times and then never again. Unless they implement a reason to keep playing it after the main story, it'll die very quickly. No multiplayer will also make it a flop for streamers/youtubers and other content creators...
The things they've shown tho... <3
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Dark souls made it's case in being my thing with coop/invasions. I too originally was not happy to see this new game not only not feature either but basically stripping away all rpg aspects.
But my desires on games have shifted. I'm glad it's not another souls clone. I can't wait to play it. As much as I love invasions i'm still dead bored of how dark souls combat works.
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I play a lot of games, not only souls, and if you've seen me play you have seen that I don't pvp and I use one weapon most of the way. I do enjoy RPG games but I am genuinely interested to see what FromSoftware can do that is more action-oriented. I still think we haven't heard it all and there was allusion to some rpg elements that had not yet been disclosed, and there are multiple endings and exploration that should satisfy some replayability.

Either way, I enjoy "one and done" games if that first time is significant, and I am hopeful that From will deliver.
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I'm happy not to see people rejecting the promise of change because they liked the details of the past a bit too zealously.

It's usually embarrassing to see, even if it's sometimes justified.
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I'm also disappointing by the lack of online and other souls-like mechanics.

Playing Demon's Souls back in 2009 was so incredibly engaging due to the new ways of interacting with people. The mechanics of online play elevated an already good game into one of the most unique experiences you could find in a game. It wasn't just a finely-tuned AAA game that you pick up for a few weeks then move on.

Then Sekiro is announced and it appears to be a well executed AAA game that will be fun for a week or two, and then you'll move on.

Ironically, despite people praising From for changing things and doing something new, Sekiro seems far closer to a standard game than any of the Soul's games ever were.

Anyways, hopefully my speculation is entirely wrong and we get another innovative masterpiece like DeS. I'm not optimistic though.



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online play has always been my motivation for playing after the first time. It sounds silly to say out loud, but I truly don't enjoy *re*playing a game unless i have some carrot to chase—a unique weapon or other mcguffin to grant me a new build playstyle that will change the way the game plays for me in some small but endearing way. Honestly No'Oh had RPG elements, but the difference between top-tier and anything was so stark that those RPG elements were vestigal—and it ended up with me not caring to grind for any of it after I'd cleared the final bit of content in the game. So it saddens me deeply to say this but I find it hard to think that i'll even give Sekiro a second playthrough after my first one is over, no matter how fun the game may be in the process.
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Sekiro may not have an 'online' component however someone just whispered into my ears "You can summon" ;)