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i think the swordsman is a underrated class. it needs more respect. i use this class all the time and i love it.
Swordsman is hands down the best starting class in DS2. It has: - The best starting weapon out of all of the classes - The best endurance and dex, and a pretty good strength - The best starting damage output with the scimitar, the only one to oneshot the tutorial enemies Yes, it has a low vigor and vitality, but the difference in HP isn't very significant anyway and you don't need any vitality early on. I dump the first 10 levels I get on DEX and STR so I can dual wield with the starting weapons, which pretty much destroys all the regular enemies in one go. Actually, the scimitar alone does that too. When dual wielding keep the scimitar in the right hand so you get the better dual wielding moveset. Adaptability is also good to level up just a bit early on to make rolling better, then endurance and after that the rest.
Best class in the game by far. Fashion Souls af, and overall a good base for quality builds. Buff str, get an estoc and decent shield (blue wooden is pretty solid) and you're golden.


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I decided to do something different this time and make a female character. Thin features about her face, vibrant orange hair. Her name is Effie Audhild. Swordswoman with a bittersweet past of a messy marriage that ended with her husband being killed for the wrong reasons. She seeks redemption, but that is difficult to find. Stoic, despondent and somewhat off in her own world, she's fixated on finding something she lost so very long ago. A powerful swordswoman in her own right who takes up Pyromancy and Miracles as just a distraction in a journey that seems to go nowhere.
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