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By Anonymous
The difficulty settings in this game are, to put it mildly, strange. I am a very experienced DnD player, having beating Solasta Cataclysm blind and other unbalanced stuff like that, so I went in straight for Tactical mode.

Long story short, I got penetrated butt to skull so violently, by the end of level 3 I rerolled a new save on Classic mode... only to find out Classic mode is a complete joke. The difficulty gap is absolutely astonishing, it doesn't even feel like the same game. I assume with better gear the game becomes a lot less ridiculous, but in Tactical I found my melees regularly dieing in a single turn, to a single enemies basic attacks, forcing me to resort to really degenerate tactics. I guess, running away and chaining ccs is tactical, but is it fun?

I wish there was a 5th difficulty between Classic and Tactical for Veterans, with Smart AI and more health but the same damage, so careful party planning, positioning and cooldown management could prevail, without the need to apply a Swiss vaults level of cheese. Or maybe I am just spoiled from 5e and need to git gud.
By Anonymous
Is it really cheese if you're expected to use it to win fights?
By Anonymous
Presently, i am looking for difficulty mods because replaying Fort Joy for the 4th time, i find that Tactician is a joke now. I did add a few mods (some make the game easier, but some make the game harder by buffing badly opponents. Yesterday, i got a leveled-scaled salamander that got, among other things, resistances, skills, buffs, and a +150% damage on top of the regular 50% tactician buff, while another had double hit points and armor. But the fight was still a breeze nonetheless. First run was harder, although i wouldn't go as far as to call it ridiculous. I never considered playing anything but Tactician and always felt that it was just the right challenge for an experienced cRPG player but beginner in DOSII (i have been playing this sh*t since 1996 and IceWinDale I and II were on a whole other level. The story was cr*p, but on highest difficulty, it was something that makes DOS II's Tactician mode look like a casual story mod demo).

I always wondered why Larian didn't introduce a harder difficulty level for experienced players and min-maxers. I mean, i play no lone-wolf, an unoptimized mixed damage party (physical/magic). What is more it is half hydrosophist/aero, half fire-based, and half the reason why i did that is that this makes things harder for me. Despite that, Tactician makes me feel that anyone could walk the path to Divinity... There are too many ways to CC ennemies, too. From Slow to Freeze, from knock down to petrify, from smoke cover to ice... When you end up having more fun forcing an archer to move around your surfaces and clouds to make him consume all his APs of suicide on fire, than simply beating him... you can see how the game becomes a way to toy with things in a casual way.

Compared to that, i generally play most of Pillars of Eternity with unoptimized pretend-dual classed characters in the 2nd higher difficulty level (not the highest), and i play Pathfinder Kingmaker at max difficulty and get wiped out every once in a while. The latter is still the best cRPG since Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate, to me. DOSII is on the more casual side, most definitely.
By Anonymous
Nothing wrong with easier difficulties. Might try playing with my dad who is not adept in video games and easier difficulty is nice for a coop game with him.
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
imagine comment "git gut" in a single player game
By Anonymous
The easiest way to finish honour mode is a party with two elven archers. Kinda pale gameplay, but i got achievment
By Anonymous
Just got back into the game to get it off my backlog, got into a fight & ended up with 3/4 party members dead, ehhh I think i'll just go story & then go classic if I decide to play it again
By Anonymous
Update: ended up beating it on explorer, doing another run on classic now
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Gg keep going
By Anonymous
I don't understand the comments, I guess you're noobs ?
Tactician mode is pretty hard but not horrible, yes you have to reload if you run into a fight like a morron, when you're underleveled. If you keep dying on the same fights, well you are terrible at building efficient characters.

However, mods like Randomization can make an easy fight extremely difficult
By Anonymous
You spelt moron incorrectly you ****ing moron.
By Anonymous
You probably have the most down syndrome opinion I've ever seen lol
By Anonymous
I mean he is an ******* but he is right.
By Anonymous
I just finished a tactician run in 2022. It's broken without lone wolf. Sorry to say, but the game is not balanced at all for this mode, and there is actually a video of Sven (lead developer) saying they don't spend time balancing this. Play at your own risk.

A lot of cheese will be necessary unless you want to spend an ungodly time reloading. Abusing teleport pyramids to refill source, running out and back into combat, abusing enemy pathing, teleporting enemies to their death, etc. Enemies regularly alpha strike you into oblivion if you don't position your characters correctly. A lot of times you need to make sure the other three are outside of combat so they can get first turn hits.

Incredible game, one of the worst balanced hardest difficulties I've ever played.
By Anonymous
huh? Its not the games fault that you choose a difficulty that you cant handle. Its a reason people play their first playthrough as classic or story. playing on tactical isn't even difficult if you have some knowledge about the game. challenging? yes, but you cant play like you do in classic mode. Your build and if you run 4 man squad needs to be synergized. Also you dont want to pick bad fights. abusing mobility skills, teleport pyramids, ranged attacks and and traps are the key to success. Also its many ways you can beat the game. civil abilities are also very importent to take advantage of.
By Anonymous
Without lone wolf other things become more important such as high wits and having points in loremaster. Wits increase your initiative and you really want to act first. Loremaster allows you to figure out what the turn order will be before entering combat. These two things are very important for tactician mode. It's called tactician for a good reason, you need to employ more tactics than OP has probably thought of.

Here's the general mindset: offense is the best defense. You need to optimize your DPS and build correctly. If you're going physical, do not waste time going physical + spellcaster. Polarize your party into either physical or magical. If going physical you generally want to max warfare first for damage. Use that high wits and loremaster to prioritize the first enemy in the turn order. Ensuring your party can keep getting turns.

I hate to say it, but the game has been beat on tactician no LW with a lot of builds (no cheese).
By Anonymous
I have to completely disagree with you. Tactician difficulty is far too easy. Mistakes are very forgivable. I'm obliterating everything in my path. I am at act 4. I see you don't even need to have strong items to do well. I have always items that are my level or 1 level below me. People make the mistake of thinking this game is hard when in reality they are just under levelled. There should be a difficulty mode harder than tactician for players who
By Anonymous
Funny because nowadays I use a mod that makes Tactician more difficult. So I don't think Tactician is broken.
By Anonymous
The tactician mode is pretty hard. Any surprise fight could easily wipe out my team. I have to load a lot but I really enjoying it because every battle feel unique and I have to come up with new strategy quite often.

You should choose it only if you don't mind fighting the same battle again and again
By Anonymous
I play with friends tactical mode and honest some fight are hard but moust that are DLC one about armor but moust of fights build i made with friend are way too broken to lose problem is just if you dont put points into wits then you have hard times in fights but if you make your characters have first turn you can easy controll fight
By Anonymous
I hate when games come up with stupid ****ing names for difficulty levels and then don't have a tooltip explaining the difference.
By Anonymous
Yeah, the stats shown above should always be displayed on the difficulty selection screen. You shouldn't be required to dig up the details on the internet.
By Anonymous
Easy, Normal and Hard would be better descriptions(without tooltips)?
By Anonymous
Tactician Mode is like Idiot Mode. My part was hit by a skeleton Assassin in the graveyard (Stonegarden) by 900 damages and the rest deals like 600 damages. They just literally 1 shot Lothe and 2 shot the rest of my party.
Yes, I did some positioning as many people mentioned but it is useless since the skeleton Assassin can teleport right to the back of my Lohse and it deals 900 damages to her :'(
By Anonymous
I've been playing on tactitian with 2 friends and it's been a breeze, as long as you sort of know how to begin fights it's not very different from classic. tl;dr get rekt
By Anonymous
You're an idiot.
By Anonymous
tactician is literally free. Just finished and entire playthrough with only 1 character lol. You just don't know how to play the game very well and thats fine, but it isn't a problem with the game mode.
By Anonymous
"With only one character."

Let me guess...Lone Wolf, the equivalent to baby mode in this game.
By Anonymous
lmao you must be trash at this game