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By Anonymous
Could this work in combination with Guerilla to leave combat with the Escapist specific character, enter sneak at a safe position, then utilize the guerilla damage bonus again? Or does it force the entire party out of combat?
By Anonymous
I think when you attack, you enter the end of the current turn order. There's a space between portraits in the turn order display where the round ends. So if you attack near the end of the cycle, and get first turn on the next cycle, you can take actions and then flee again. This is easier to arrange if your tank has low initiative, since there will be a "stopper" at the end of the turn order to prevent the enemy from getting turns after your sniper attack. If four enemies are slower than your slowest unit, then they all will get a chance to retaliate against your assassin. But yeah, you can reset all your cooldowns, regain the Guerilla bonus, all of that. It might be fun to run one or two tanks and the rest assassins/archers, but I think there are events where you can't run too.
By Anonymous
It's also one at a time, pretty sure.
By Anonymous
Not that great for "honest" playing, extremely broken for "honorless" play.

Delay your turns and survive enemies' first round of attacks. Then use your strongest attacks leaving 1 AP left and use escapist to exit combat. Now with your other character that is still in combat just wait until you get the one who escaped back and then repeat the use strongest attacks and escape. You can keep doing this until all enemies are dead and they don't stand a chance unless they can kill you on the first round.