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When does the quest start? I've already hit act2 and still he hasn't prompted a quest or anything and i'm sick of having to heal the him.
He'll be usable as a ghost in spirit vision, don't worry about keeping him alive
You don't need to heal him. If he dies, just cast spirit vision and he will follow you as a spirit for the rest of the game, progressing the quest, the dialogues and the crap spellbook recipes he gives you. Almost seems as though he was put there for those who weren't adventurous enough to mix skillbooks in the crafting menu.
Is there ANY use for him? He is annoying and often stays in my way during battle, and you can't move or even teleport him out of the way.
just let him die, like it says he follow you in spirit, so It should not make any difference if he live or die. (I do not know this, just a guess)
So far he only teaches you skillbook recipes, haven't found anything else.
Can you eat him up as a spirit with source vampirism?
no balls
I just just did, and it gave me 3 sources pts. But he seems to have disapeared for good... he was really annoying and doesnt seems to have any use, but i am a bit disapointed. Any chance he come back ?
You can indeed
Seriously one of the worst implemented things in the game. I've seen Sir Lora run during a fight into some fire, reach max distance from me, teleport back, run through the same fire and die in less than one turn. While all your party members are usually careful walking around traps, Sir Lora doesn't care and just loves walking on newly discovered explosives. And the worst? He wanders. If you're standing still, he wanders about in a tiny area, which also causes him to walk into fire, acid, mines, etc. The only good thing I can say about him is that he doesn't reveal you when you're sneaking if enemies spot him.
Agree about the traps he sets off. Not sure why someone would give you thumbs down. I find the "bone clatter" of his skeletonian steed in my ears to be excessively annoying...
It walked over some source on the ground and took it. >_>
He is invulnerable to shriekers so at least he's useful for purging them. That's about it though.
there is a mod to revive sir lora
I just attack him and finish him off, he's useless and annoying.
I managed to keep him alive into Arx, unfortunately there is at least one place where I believe it is impossible to keep him alive (damn Isbeil) and so without a mod you're going to be stuck with a ghostly Lora anyway eventually. Other fights he can be kept out of for the most part, usually by keeping him & your main on the edge of a fight so that he runs out rather than into it.
Its not impossible, just very hard. First you teleport your main character away from the poison field, after doing that you need to switch with "nether switch" skill Sir Lora and an enemy character. After doing this, the dammned squirrel will just stay back, because your main character already has the high ground
I was able to keep him alive. Just don’t let red prince join the fight.
I kept him alive throughout the entire game. It isn’t impossible to keep him alive through the poison pit, but what WAS insanely annoying was I tried teleporting him out of the pit first turn and he immediately spawned back into the pit because my main character was still in there. I had to reload and heal his magic armor and wait until my main character used tactical retreat to get out, then teleport him again. What really bothers me is there is zero payout for keeping him alive. (Spoilers I guess): he says before the final battle he is going to aid you in the final fight with a spell he’s been working on to destroy the “great acorn”... no such spell is EVER USED. His entire so-called quest seems utterly unfinished, and you never really get closure with this character or his story arc whatsoever. I wish I could find the developers addressing this because it is extremely odd considering how well crafted almost everything else in the game is.