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I'm looking to get Seath's Tail Weapon but all my attempts have ended in death. :( I'm a sorcerer..

Name: Planchette
Soul Level: 63
Location Area: The Duke's Archives
Location Specific: Seath the Scaleless fight
Platform: PS4
Covenant: GLS
Online ID: Liquid_Yazoo



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I can help once I get back to the Archives.
I can switch to the sunlight covenant if you need a sunlight medal.
Message me on PSN if you still need help. I will probably be on tomorrow but I have to get through Sen's Fortress and then Anor Londo before you could summon me in the Duke's Archives.
I'm in NG+2

Name: Brandon (actual, not my characters name)
Soul Level: 140
Location Area: Sen's Fortress
Location Specific: Gate entrance
Platform: PS4
Covenant: Darkwraith (can switch)
Online ID: AsclepiusPaean
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