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Regular Upgrade from +5 to Divine +0 requires Green titanite Shard and >DIVINE EMBER<
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This page is about the *occult* upgrade, which is available at +5 *divine*.
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When you charge into the wrong church and try to break up the wrong wedding. XD
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Does this scale with humanity like chaos infusion does?
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I just checked on DSR for PS4, i looked at my stat page before and after using humanity (stopped at 10) and i didn't see any difference
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Occult is a variant on Divine.

It has improved faith scaling for better base damage, and uses dark energies to do additional damage to Divine beings (Gwyn, his family, his Knights, and a handful of other enemies).
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Does this fully break skeletons apart like Divine?
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No, it does not.
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Anyone know what the Occult Auxiliary Effect is?
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Deals bonus damage to living things. I'm not sure about a full list of what that includes, but I know it includes black and silver knights.
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It's the anti god weapon (think Gwyn his family, knights, species) It's hidden in the painted world for a reason. You may notice that in latter games it's not listed but that doesn't mean it's not present it's called dark from then on. It's called occult from the gods point of view since they were the rulers of that time period.
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Explained here:
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Ignoring the aux effect its essentialy enchanted for faith builds eight?
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No that’d be divine. Occult is exclusively more effective in Anor Londo, against black knoghts and against Gwyn. Divine is more effective, in every other situation.
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No, Divine is only useful vs specific opponents weak to it. Occult is the standard enchantment for faith builds as it gives a higher faith scaling
By Doc321
The aux effect doesn't really matter sure divine helps with undead
By Doc321
^^ and occult helps with godly enemies gwyn, gwyndolin, etc but also consider the physical scaling cos if you have decent str and/or dex divine is the best but if it's a pure faith build occult should be ur pick
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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Based off the replies to your question it doesn't seem like the replies fully understood what you were asking. Yes, Divine for Faith is to what Magic is to Intelligence stat wise. Divine is for those that have a good bit of Str/Dex & want some Faith scaling usuallya B or C scaling. Enchanted to Intelligence is what Occult is to Faith. Occult is for those wanting an S rank or A rank scaling in Faith for their weapon
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Why is it such a hassle to infuse in this game? Dark souls 3 has a more accessible system.
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Why does the 3rd game in a series have a more accessible system than the first? It is called refinement over time.
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This system was better than Demon's Souls. Demon's Souls had a wider variety of upgrade items and an even less clear path.

This system is actually fairly straightforward; there are three upgrade tiers made up of 5 levels each. Special upgrades (Demon, Twinkle, Dragon) effectively gain three levels of upgrade per point.

+5 normal required for basic enhancement (Fire, Magic, Divine, Raw).

+10 (+5 enhanced) required for advanced enhancement. (Chaos, Enchanted, Occult, Lightning, Crystal, Large Fire, Large Magic, Large Divine)

Boss Soul weapons are considered 'advanced' enhancement, so with rare exception they require a +10 normal weapon.
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I'm pretty sure it's a lore thing and balance thing, not "refinement" armor has an easy 1-10 system it's not like they didn't understand what a simple system would look like.
Because Darksouls is super non-linear it's fairly easy to get large titanite from crystal lizards/late game areas, or get large embers, on the other hand it's quite hard to get chunks end game embers until post Sen's fortress, which stops you breaking the game like the Drake Sword does. In DS3 that's just not an option, in DS2 the crappy weapon/armor system makes it much harder than 1/3.

1-5 refining a weapon to it's basic limit, then it's ready for enchantment fire, magic, holy, superior refinement. 1-5 (6-10) are legendary weapons that require lost techniques of ages past. From their the weapons can be refined into the epic forms requiring titanite elementaly infused for the form they are to become. The god's giant smith is the exception, who can make lightning/crystal but only with those legendary weapons, that you can't find anywhere in the game.
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DS2 had the best weapon upgrade system. It cut out the fat like colored shards and stupid obscure stuff like upgrading a base weapon to combine with a soul.
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DS1's upgrade system is pretty flawed, but man i miss the way in which you make Boss Weapons. In 2 and 3 it's merely a transaction, get the soul and pay for a weapon/spell, and that's a bit lame when compared to 1, where you turn a strong weapon into having the properties of a boss weapon.
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RE: Boss Soul Weapon Upgrades in ds1

I, for one, like the fact that you get to choose which weapon you transform when upgrading is with a boss soul.

I have fun tucking the washing pole inside the chaos blade or using the estoc for the dragon slayer spear.
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You mean Dark Souls +3?
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The first rule of Occult Club is you don't talk about Occult Club.
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The occult club in Anor Londo… what to you get if you descend the weapon? Divine+5? Reg+10?
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Divine +5
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divine +5