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By Anonymous
Hey red kanji attacks can be deflected just unblockable.
By Anonymous
No, there are 3 types of kanji attacks all unblockable - horisontal - press jump and again jump in aid to kick - deal lot of posture damage - thrust - deflect or buy updgrade to use dodge - better version of deflect anti thrust - grab - run out of range
By Firabanana
Thrusts can de deflected, but sweeps cannot.
By Anonymous
Amazing blade
By Anonymous
you can straight up skip phase 2 if you grapple to a tree branch and jump to kill the main body
By Anonymous
You can skip phase 2 as well.
By Anonymous
I only fought a ghost version of her , where is she exatly
By Anonymous
Closer than you’d think
By Anonymous
How about replacing the demo boss battle with the release version of the fight? Different location, different appearence, different moves D:
By Anonymous
Or you know, the demo version WAS the final version and there isn't a newer version to fight? just a thought
By Anonymous
She is optionnal. This area is optionnal. I just beat the game with the "ashura" ending. If you choose this one, you never go to Fountainhead Palace
By Anonymous
That's true. You miss out on a lot of things by selecting Shura ending, especially as a first one. Going to new game plus after that sucks.
By Anonymous
I mean that’s one ending but there’s like 4
By Anonymous
But what monster would choose to betray the trust of your little lord, sweet Emma and the loli divine child ?! :o (Homecoming = best ending)
By Anonymous
Yeah you got the bad ending, friend.
By Anonymous
kuro's a guy so technically it's shota not loli you lol know your weeb dictionary
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