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By Anonymous
From the section about "cheesing" her true form: "If the player grapples the high tree behind the Corrupted Monk, a Deathblow can be used on her, essentially allowing to skip the second phase."

I'm pretty sure this is intended, which is why the first death blow was even possible at some point. If it weren't, Corrupted Monk would be the only boss in the game with three proper phases that don't contain any lightning attacks to make things easier on the player.

This reminds me of Ceaseless Discharge where there's a unique death animation for getting him stuck in the gate, which wasn't removed in the remaster, yet to this day players insist it's a cheese.
By Anonymous
demon of hatred has three and no lightning
By Anonymous
ghost version is the most obnoxious boss fight in all of sekiro
By Anonymous
I will say though, very good adrenaline when i actually beat her. Still think she should be more fun if she had a fourth of her total health removed.
By Anonymous
There are two apes that would like a word
By Anonymous
After the struggle with illusion version, I was very demotivated when I reach the Vermilion bridge and she jumped forward with 3 lifes. But after few attempts I realized, that she is much easier there. Also I acidentally killed her instantly by plunge attack in her second phase, in my victory attempt. I thought it was bug then, but there it is stated, that it is legitimate technique.
By Anonymous
How is she a woman if women can't be monks?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This is a game bro. People and apes also can't get infected with centipedes that make them immortal until they're killed by a magical blade, but here we are.
By Anonymous
easy boss, the ghost version was a little harder though.
By Anonymous
Snap seed ftw
By Anonymous
Doesn't work against this version. that's for the ghost version in front of the cave.
By Anonymous
somebody needs to improve this sekiro pages. Too hard to read
By Anonymous
my favourite boss fight, more like a dance than a battle
By Anonymous
If you find the spin attack hard to deflect then one helpful tactic is to look to the right instead of the monk herself. As soon as you see the blade press to deflect.
By Anonymous
Easy pattern overall, just the shadow phase is a bit challenging, but you can just grapple around without the need for the cheese. Stylish boss, but one for the ego cause you can first try her at this point with your deflecting experience.
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