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1st phase is easy. 2nd phase doesn't exist. 3rd phase is hard as balls. you can try and stunlock her or you can be hard headed like me and run circles waiting for her to use attacks with long cooldowns.
For the third phase I used firecrackers hit her a few times and then deflected her attacks until I had another opening to use a firecracker. Beat her in one attempt using four, maybe five, firecrackers. By far the easiest main boss so far.
Easy cheese strategy for the illusion: firecracker, R1, R1, (until you're out), then fistful of ash, R1, R1 (repeat until dead). Took me exactly 8 firecrackers and 10 ash on NG.
Thanks. That pretty much did it. Had to the last bit for real, but jeez that was insane.
readed this comment > 10 seconds after i was fighting her > 30 seconds later she is dead. read the comment before my 5th try. you sir, are my savior.
This 'easy cheese strategy' takes away just about half his healthbar on first playthrough.
So there’s an interesting Reddit thread on who/what corrupted monk is. Highly recommend finding it as it’s extremely well written, but the gist is that she’s likely Okami (the Mask she wears is related to a kind of older Japanese theater/play, and the masks the other Okami women in Fountainhead wear are also associated with the same theater. They even perform dances associated with it), and the fact that her memory calls her Priestess Yoa is likely a reference to the legend of Yoa Bikuni (literally meaning “800 year old priestess/nun”). Yoa Bikuni was a priestess that ate the flesh of ningyo, which is a sort of Japanese mermaid, put simply. The flesh of the ningyo granted her immortality. Meanwhile, Corrupted Monk guards Fountainhead. Which houses the giant carp. Which can be considered a ningyo. On top of that, the Rejuvenating Waters come from Fountainhead, and eventually end up in the area where we first fight Guardian Ape (as evidenced by the carp showing up there when you kill it). The Guardian Ape is also clearly corrupted as evidenced by the same centipede as our Yoa (something else that’s interesting is that insects, arachnids, and stagnant water all mostly represent corruption in Shinto). So it’s possibly Corrupted Monk are the flesh of a previous great carp and achieved immortality through infestation because of it. Very interesting stuff!
it's "yao"
In Japanese folklore it’s possible for Yokai or bad spirits to form purely from someone’s emotions being strong enough, so it’s possible the Corrupted Monk shade is just a sort of first defense Yokai born from Yoa’s Strong desire to protect Fountainhead
But why monk? You can hear clearly a woman laughing and in other languages it has been translated to the equivalent of nun...
In Buddhism the term monk applies to men and women because of the terms Bikkhuni for a female monk and a Bikkhu for a male monk.
gallary's first monk image has broken or cracked. please solve this.
The Japanese version of the True Corrupted Monk memory straight up says she's Yaobikuni ("真の名は八百比丘尼という" ), there's no ambiguity there. Kinda confused why the translator(s) chose to translate it into "Priestess Yao" - did they not know about the Yaobikuni story, or did they figure the non-Japanese players wouldn't know about it?
bikuni = priestess
I had a great result with the following technique. You might want to add it to your guide. 1: Buff yourself with Akos Sugar (Or Yasharikus Sugar if youre brave enough) and Divine Confetti (Its not required but still grants a damage buff). You can do the buffing right in front of the stairs as she will be triggered by reaching the highest level of the arena 2: Equip a fistful of ash as item and Shinobi Firecracker 3: - run towards her - hit her 3 times - throw ash - run behind her (She will be able to block / parry attacks from the front) - hit her 3 times - repeat You can do this 10 times without taking any damage. After you depleted the ash just use the Firecracker with the same pattern just replacing the ash. Youll get her almost dead, if not fully dead. You might want to rebuff yourself with Akos Sugar. I managed to defeat her with just 1 Sugar and 1 Confetti.
Fist of ash on her *** and fight is almost done. Thank you man!
Works like a charm, had issues till I read and tried this then boom, beaten. Ended up using 2 snap seeds when I ran out of ash and firecrackers and those drained the rest of her health and stunned her for a few hits.
It's a real challenge trying to kill the Corrupted Monk without getting damaged.
Plunge attack at the beginning of phase 2 no longer works! It must have been patched, I tried several times and it wouldn't give me a deathblow marker when she reappeared and I leapt off the branch. I even tried sneaking up behind her. Thankfully the firecrackers and fistful of ash stunlock still works, I was not having fun with this corrupted gal
Still works m8. Did it 2 minutes ago. It's always finicky though, gotta get the right angle.
Still works for me. Did it when the illusions were everywhere and she was standing in the middle.