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this guy is brutal with the bell and kuro's charm activated
This "guy" is a woman, a priestess and she's far worse at Base Attack Power, third phase is straight bull*****
holy***** you made me check my health bar and i had the bell on, almost *****ing stopped playing over this boss
without Kuro Charm, everything is much harder, minor damages when blocked is not important, but the posture bar is break very easily. You block, you die.
So I just beat this boss, and from what I can tell, whether the illusion is an Apparition or not, it does take more damage when using the Divine Confetti, and when using the Mortal Draw. Seems important to know!
despite what some of the below comments say. this fight is a perfect example of what i love about this game. They have long combos that punish you if you try to dodge them or block all of it forcing you to deflect. this is reinforced by the pauses in between attacks that let you get combos off if you deflect the attacks. the satisfaction earned from deflecting an entire string of combos and getting a empowered mortal blow which shreds at their posture is a feeling words cannot describe.
When you enter the fight. On the left, you can jump over bridge's fence. Monk can't jump so she will detour around the tree jump back, she will turn around and chase you again when she near jump over the fence again and use mortal blade. Start all over for easy kill.
Illusion version: ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw. ash, mortal draw.
corupted monky