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I figured out an easier way to beat the illusion fight that doesn't involve cheese (at least easier than whittling down the health). While she does recover posture pretty fast, its only REALLY fast if you use Mikiri counter on her thrusts. If you instead dodge to the side for those and attack, you can eventually get her posture down enough to deathblow, assuming you deflect a lot in a row for a while. Her health was just over half full when I did the deathblow, so it should save a lot of time.
Hugging the wall at either end and holding your guard will prevent all damage during 2nd phase illusion move. Divine Confetti, Akos Sugar, and Firecrackers for 3rd phase. In my experience, Monk only throws the unlockable back swing if you attack after the monk guards you, so be mindful not to spam attack when the Monk has their guard. Other than that, learn the moveset and rely on deflections for tons of posture damage in those first two phases. Defense wins the fight.
death blow inflict enormous damage on her posture
mortal draw
yes mortal draw,sry
Illusion Monk is made trivial by using the purple umbrella.
O'rin was harder than the Illusion Monk
O'rin had a pretty basic move set. Deflect and when you see danger jump. She only every grabs when you loss posture.
Or just spam sabimaru and destroy her posture bar
You can ichimonji the***** out of her :D the leap attack leaves her stunned for a longer time than it does you, and blocking it doesn’t damage your posture too much. In the third phase, it’s even easier while she’s terror puking :D you can even get in some double ichimonjis if you’re fast enough
I refuse to cheese this boss even after patched.
Why? She sucks (well, just like the rest of the game but still
Absolute unit
Pocket Sand
It's honestly a pretty easy fight once you figure it out: Phase 1: just keep deflecting everything, jump over and kick her sweeping perilous attack, mikiri counter the thrust, I didn't even bother fightning her, her posture just went up and I used deathblow Phase 2: still the same concept, when she summons those shadows just stand near either wall of the arena and keep holding block, don't do anything, after that just keep deflecting and letting her kill herself.. Phase 3: you should have saved all your spirit emblems for now, just keep using firecrackers and hitting her 4 times, repeat.. I did this like 8 times and it got her down to 0 HP.. Just like with most bosses.. go there and just try to keep deflecting everything so you learn the patterns, most of the time that's all that's required (there are of course exceptions where deflecting doesn't do anything).