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the moveset in third phase doesn't really differ from the other ones? did you actually fight her without cheesing? the moves differ A LOT not just the speed of them... don't know who writes all that wiki stuff but it's full of bull*****for nearly every game
This fight is an art thanks to the location it's at.
16,500 EXP on NG+ without Kuro's charm.
Forgot to add that I'm talking about the purple one at Mibu Village, not the Fountainhead one.
15,361 XP without Kuro's charm on NG+ (Fountainhead)
Makes no sense at all why you get less XP for the true monk, but it's the number I got.
I'm sorry, but this website makes no sense to me. Where are you getting this information from for the "Corrupted Monk Lore" section? None of that stuff sounds accurate fails to properly explain anything about the character or the ACTUAL lore in the game. All this is going to do is further confuse people on the game. What is the deal with this?
It's the same guy on every page sharing his baseless lore is a feeble attempt to tie into dark souls. He did the same with bloodborne
For anyone who chooses not to cheese phase 2 and has trouble deflecting her shadow strikes, here's some advice. Settle on either end of the bridge and point the camera to the other side while also having Sekiro face the camera. When you see her 1st shadow, turn around and immediately deflect. Either your timing will be dead on or close enough for you to get the hang of it with a few more tries. The 2nd shadow attacks a second after, and the last shadow's attack lands in about 1.5-2 seconds. She also often uses the 3rd attack in her normal mode too, so using the silhouette as a tell makes it easier to see it coming. The timing is tight but you should be able to get the rhythm after a few tries. Also I often see her use those specific jump attacks to swipe at the branches, even though I don't actually grapple over there. Has this happened to anyone else?
It's amazing and super thoughtful of From to implement the 2nd phase cheese. If you could compare this boss fight to any other in the Soulsborne games, it would be Ludwig. Awesome AF 1st phase, but you're likely to get wrecked in the 2nd phase because it's so different. So for the Corrupted monk, they split the 1st phase into 2, made the 1st half a total cake walk, kept the 2nd half largely identical, and added a cheese method to skip it, all so people can get to the proper 2nd phase easier and have time to practice with that. Take that stupid journos, how's that for accessibility?
What a troll comment
snap seeds don't do anything, what a*****pile of a game, full of half assed ideas and everything boiling down to the same boring mechanic, reaction based deflections
I really enjoy the game, really all the From Software games (Dark Souls, Bloodbourne, etc). But I just beat the Corrupted Monk Illusion and when I used the snap seeds she was stunlocked for a good 2 or 3 seconds which helped out a great deal, especially when you realize that the hint above saying that the divine confetti does nothing is incorrect.
Then git gud
just git gud
Made me uninstall (the illusion one). It was kinda the breaking point after hours and hours of witnessing what is essentially not difficulty, but bad game design. Camera problems, unblockable attacks that aren't signified with the red kanji, bosses (this one specifically) pulling off chains of attacks without breathing room for getting in hits, one-hit-wrecker damage-sponges, forcing aggression but punishing it at the same time, ridiculous death penalty... Shame. I loved the setting, the environment, and the way combat felt when it worked (humanoid enemies, mini-bosses and bosses). Uninstalled, never looked back. Got better things to do than git gud at bad game design marketed as a 'hardcore experience'. But hey, at least now y'all get another comment to stroke your 'git gud' d*ck on.
Hey, git gud
I’m 32, bought in the beginning of January, and only get to play this game on weekends. I’m not good at all lol. That said, I just beat this dude today - learn his move set, Mikiri Counter the thrust, and jump and stomp the sweep. You got this dude!
Git gud
Get good scrub
what a trash can lmao, sucks to suck i guess
This is extremely sad. This boss, definitely in illusion form, is one of the milder ones in my opinion. I didn't see any bad game design in the fight at all. She's got a simple string of the same attack repeated over and over which you can deflect really easily, you can dodge under half her attacks, and the unblock able sweep is quite simple to jump over once you learn the moveset. You might think 'git gud' is some sort of insult, but maybe you should just realise that blaming the game for your suckage will never get you through it. That is the beauty of these games and why I love them so much. It's all doable, even if really difficult, and when you die, the only one to blame is yourself. So in conclusion, git gud.
git gud garbage
Mutiple game of the year awards and it has bad game design? Lol You're in denial that the problem was you, it's not a hack n slash game. Learn the mechanics or don't play it, don't blame a product bc your not competent enough to learn the mechanics. I'm 29 with a full time job and bills and on my first play through the only issues I had were bc I made mistakes. This game is not impossible, you quit on one of the easier bosses and blame the camera cause youre probably going full * with jumping, dodging, and running still. Ppl say get gud cause hundreds of thousands of people have beat the game.
beat her first try lmao
seems silly that anti-air deathblow doesn't work when she jumps


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You cannot using anti-air deathblow against a proper boss that gives battle memory. Shichimen is a mini-boss, however.