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i can do phase 1 and 2 decently easily now but i have no idea what to do in phase 3
literally just phase one but she spits sometimes
Did anyone else find the corrupted monk harder than the True monk
Yes for me it's the phase 3 without using firecrackers or ash.
The Infested still confuse me a bit... So unlike Dragon Heritage, it doesn't appear that the Infested drain life from mortals upon reviving, do they? Otherwise, "killing" them without the Mortal Blade would spread something like Dragonrot.

Instead, the centipedes continuously revive the host until removed and are slain with the Mortal Blade. So are the hosts technically still "mortal," but merely puppeteered by the centipedes? Similar to those afflicted by Dragonrot, the infested mummies of Senpou vomit a sap-like fluid, which makes me think it contains the rot within the host, whom continuously degrade to the point of losing their minds, but are never permitted to "die." Except in rare instances, some monks pass on as if suddenly aware of their corruption, like the two high priests that give you the holy texts...

I would have posted this under one of those items, but their pages don't get trafficked as much. Anyone else got any insights/interpretations?
Long story short. Small Centipedes or worms get into bodies of those who consume too much water from the fountainhead. When they die, the centipede can fully take over, making the individual truly infested, kinda like being hollowed in DS. Just as you don't truly finish off the ape in the first fight, you see it later trying to heal its next with river water. I believe that eventually the centipede ape thing would put the head back on and the ape would be alive again. As seen with the dudes at senpou, it seems the price to pay for this form of immortality is that eventually you become less human and the centipede becomes a part of your very self. We see a small insect if we kill Hanbei, implying that it would eventually grow larger and he would be more monster than man. Worms are seen as lesser dragons, symbolizing that an imperfect version of immortality is given to you. A curse.
I really enjoyed "True Monk" battle. I defeated her with acceptable style.
With "Corrupted Monk" I had a bad time.
After fighting the true form, the illusion version just feels like a slog with an endless posture bar
My favorite boss
I agree
The illusion is probably one of the hardest bosses without Kuro's charm and without consumables.
you mean the true monk? the illusion is just a weaker version of it
The illusion monk takes very little posture so without consumables to deal vitality damage it can be a really tedious fight.
this boss is pretty much trivialized by spamming the handful of ash and following up with the mortal blade
Divine Confetti does deal extra damage to her. Info here is wrong.
Divine confetti does extra damage against everything, but only apparitions take double damage from it
I love this boss but I wish it wasn't three phases long. Just the second phase and third phase would've been enough imo